Gramps Jeffrey/Marc Joseph, Author, Talks About His Book, The Secrets Of Retailing, Or: How To Beat Wal-Mart!

Slam the Gavel welcomes back Gramps Jeffrey whose real name is Marc Joseph back on the show to talk about his book:

“I don’t want to turn three” Author, Gramps Jeffrey, was live on The Witty Writers Show with Beth Worsdell.

Gramps Jeffrey has used the pandemic in a very productive way.

Impact Radio USA GRAMPS JEFFREY, Author (12-6-21)
GRAMPS JEFFREY, a baby boomer author from Scottsdale, Arizona, joined us to discuss his latest release, “I Don’t Want to Turn 3”, a book about how grandparents can and should be highly involved in the lives of their grandchildren.
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Reading With Your Kids – Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Growing Up Is Hard To Do. Anita Tosh celebrates her #YA #Novel The Book Of Jeremy. In this novel we watch a young 12 year old who experiences prophetic dreams grow into a young 17 year old leader. And Gramps Jeffrey tells us how his grandkids inspired him to write his #PictureBook I Don’t Want To Turn Three.
The Importance of Reading to Kids and Spending Quality time with Loved Ones with Gramps Jeffrey
Gramps Jeffrey has 4 kids and 6 grandchildren and looks at how the kids are growing up as a baby boomer trying to understand how the world has evolved since he was 3 years old.
THE COOL GRANDPA PODCASTEP – 54 I Don’t Want to Turn 3
ur conversation is with Gramps Jeffrey. Gramps Jeffrey is a children’s book author and grandfather of six. Gramps looks at the world through the lens of what has changed and evolved since he was a kid.
Grandpas and Growing Up (with Gramps Jeffrey)
Today we sit down with Gramps Jeffrey, a grandfather and author of the children’s book “I Don’t Want to Turn 3”. We talk about how his own family inspired the book, all the life lessons you learn as a child, and about how parenting has changed over the years.